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Popular Country Singer Dies in Chicago Pedestrian Accident

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2020 | Personal Injury, Wrongful Death |

Valentine’s Day is special for many residents of Chicago who enjoy celebrating their love for others. It is also a popular day for going out and enjoying the company of spouses, partners, and significant others. Across the greater Chicago area, couples took to the town to revel in good company, good food, and good nighttime entertainment.


The Firewater Saloon was scheduled to host the local country band, Dixie Crush, on Valentine’s Day night when a true tragedy struck. Singer Lindsey Lagastee, a 25-year-old Burr Ridge pharmacist by trade, was hit by a car in the 3800 block of West 111th Street by a passing vehicle. She was on her way to the venue when she was hit in the roadway.

The driver of the moving car that struck Lagastee was cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian in the roadway and the case is still under investigation. After the accident Lagastee was taken to the hospital but later succumbed to her injuries.

This tragic story is all too common for Chicago pedestrians who must contend with inattentive and aggressive drivers on local roads. Many individuals have suffered close calls with cars, trucks, and SUVs, and others have survived literal run-ins with moving vehicles. According to a City of Chicago report, annual pedestrian accidents averaged between 3,100 and 3,800 per year between 2005 and 2009.

Pedestrian accidents can have tragic results, as demonstrated by this heartbreaking story. When pedestrian accident victims lose the lives, their families can carry the heavy burden of financially surviving their ordeals. Medical and funeral expenses, in addition to lost wages and support, may all weigh down the lives of those who must learn to live without their loved ones. In times of tragedy, help from legal professionals can assist those dealing with these and other legal issues.