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Possible defendants in a truck accident claim

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Large trucks are common sights on the highways that cross through the greater Chicagoland area. As they roll through the city, delivering goods to businesses and homes in neighborhoods across the region, they may remind other drivers of just how small their vehicles are when compared to the massive size of a big rig or 18-wheeler. Though many truck drivers are careful operators of their enormous vehicles, some engage in careless and even negligent conduct that puts innocent drivers in the dangerous paths of gigantic trucks.

Truck accidents can be devastating for victims and their families. In the wake of a truck accident, it may be difficult for a victim to consider pursuing litigation against the driver of the truck that harmed them. However, it is important that victims know their rights so that they can make educated decisions about how best to protect themselves and their interests in recovering.

A personal injury attorney can explain the details and factors that may influence a victim’s specific case and should be consulted by those who are ready to investigate their legal options. Readers should know that this post does not provide legal advice is informative in content.

Litigation based on a truck accident can involve naming parties, both individuals and businesses, as defendants who are responsible for causing the victim’s losses and harm. While the driver of the truck may be a clear option for a defendant, there are many others that may serve as possible defendants in this type of case. For example, the owner of the truck may be a separate individual from the driver, or the driver may have been employed by a business to be on the road when the accident occurred. It may be possible to include a driver’s or company’s insurance provider in a lawsuit for personal injuries.

Pursuing one’s losses after a damaging truck accident can be difficult and confusing. It is important that victims seek representation that they can trust to fight for their interests and advocate for their legal needs.