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Why is rushing around on winter roads dangerous?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Driving during an Illinois winter comes with several safety concerns. Snowy and icy roads create hazards, which is why drivers should avoid behavior that proves dangerous under any circumstances and could be worse during the winter. Rushing around seems unavoidable during holiday times, but impatient driving could lead to an accident.

Road conditions may worsen in the winter

The highways and streets might not be the safest routes to travel when these surfaces end up covered in snow and ice. Visibility could be poor when attempting to drive while snow or freezing rain comes down. Drivers might become impatient with the harsh conditions and potentially crowded roads. Concerned about getting to a store before it closes or making it home as soon as possible, a driver may choose to:

  • Drive at an ill-advised speed
  • Pass cars on the road and weave in and out of lanes
  • Tailgate other vehicles
  • Not come to a complete stop at a stop sign

Besides being moving violations, these driving behaviors could fall under the description of negligence. Negligence creates the potential for an accident and a subsequent liability claim. Accidents might lead to more than property damage or minor injuries: Someone may end up severely hurt or even fatally injured.

Stay responsible on the road or stay off the road

Drivers can avoid rushing around on the road by ordering items online and getting things delivered instead of leaving home during bad weather. Doing so cuts down on time spent driving, which reduces potential exposures to causing or otherwise being involved in an accident.

Serious auto accidents may lead to civil litigation as victims attempt to get compensation for their injuries. People injured by a driver’s negligence may wish to consult with an attorney about how to pursue the maximum compensation possible to pay for their medical expenses and other losses.