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Injuries from a side-collision accident

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Drivers may worry about rear-end or head-on collisions, but troubling incidents that cause injury also include sideswipe accidents. “Sideswiping” refers to when a car gets hit on the side by the side of another vehicle. Such collisions could lead to disastrous results.

Different types of sideswipe accidents

People might not think of the dangers of a sideswipe accident regarding a parked vehicle. Someone who is under the influence or disoriented in some way may travel too close to parked cars and sideswipe one or more. When this occurs, vehicles may be unoccupied, and the result is only property damage. Regardless, a damaged vehicle’s owner maintains the ability to file an insurance liability claim. However, even hitting parked vehicles could lead to injuries if they’re occupied.

Moving vehicle collisions bring a significantly higher risk of harm. Imagine one vehicle sideswiping another while trying to pass on the right. On a single-lane highway, a high-speed sideswipe could make a vehicle spin out or even roll. What if a sideswiped vehicle loses control and hits another car or a tree? A fatality could occur, possibly more than one.

Why sideswiping may occur

Ill-advised attempts to pass are not the only reason for sideswiping as these incidents could result from any number of improper activities behind the wheel. A driver may outright fall asleep at the wheel or become too drowsy or distracted to stay in a lane.

Improperly merging on a highway is a common reason for sideswiping. If an accident occurs, investigators may assess whether the driver maintained the appropriate speed when entering an expressway. Was the driver paying attention or impaired?

A sideswipe car accident could leave drivers and passengers with costly injuries. Working with an attorney to file a lawsuit or insurance claim may help victims receive compensation for their medical expenses and other losses.