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Common construction site injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

The construction industry is deemed one of the most dangerous employment fields in Illinois. While it can be very lucrative for the workers, it can also be life-changing for an employee hurt on the job. There are five main categories of accidents that construction injuries tend to fit into.


The most common type of workers’ compensation claim in the construction industry is for a fall. Since construction workers are commonly operating in perilous environments that can range from a few feet up to a few hundred feet in the air, it’s no surprise that falls top the chart.

Falling objects

Many construction-related jobs use heavy machinery to move various objects into place. Unfortunately, this can turn deadly for workers who are on the ground beneath these objects. For this reason, falling objects comes in as number two on the list of common causes of construction injuries.

Being hit by a vehicle

With so much heavy machinery moving around while workers are in the vicinity, it’s no surprise that some may be injured as a result of being run over or hit. Some of these injuries involve construction workers who are crushed between a vehicle and an immovable object such as a wall or building. These injuries can be severe and sometimes fatal.

Tool-related injuries

While construction workers should be properly trained on how to use the tools of their trade correctly, sometimes accidents happen. When tools are not used properly, they can cause crushing incidents, lacerations and even amputations.


Due to the rough nature of the construction trades, there are more daily hazards than in most other industries. Exposed live wires are not uncommon, and construction workers must avoid them while on the job site.

While the construction industry is known to be a dangerous one, millions of people flock to these jobs every year. Unfortunately, some of these individuals end up with mild, life-changing or even fatal injuries. These are just five of the most common causes.