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How injuries in the workplace can vary between companies

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

If you need something delivered fast in Illinois, you might order it from Amazon. While Amazon is always growing and succeeding financially, this company is also facing a major problem with workplace safety. Here’s more information about a new report showing just how much workplace injuries can vary between companies.

The alarming statistics about the dangers of warehouse work

Released in June, a report from the Strategic Organizing Center shows that Amazon reports much more injuries than some of its largest competitors. According to this report, Amazon’s employees reported 24,000 severe injuries in 2020. That’s twice as many severe injuries taking place than the warehouse industry’s average.

This report measured the various injury rates of large distribution companies. In 2020, Amazon had an injury rate of 6.5 full-time workers out of 100. While this number might seem low, it was double that of Walmart’s employee injury rate.

What Amazon is doing to improve workplace injuries

Workplace injuries can give a company a lot of negative press. They can also lead to increased workers’ compensation costs for a business. Considering that, Amazon is creating measures to help prevent workplace injuries. These measures include implementing ergonomics programs and creating “ZenBooths” for employees to relax and unwind.

Critics of Amazon’s treatment of employees feel that these measures are far from enough to keep employees safe. These people and labor groups want Amazon to give its workers longer breaks and lighten their extreme workloads.

Many warehouse workers deal with the threat of getting injured at work. However, a new report shows that Amazon is dealing with many more injured workers than its competitors. If you were recently hurt on the job, you may get the help you need by contacting an attorney.