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Do pedestrians take risks walking near an SUV?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

SUVs deliver features that many drivers find valuable, such as safety features. An SUV’s size adds to its safety since a large vehicle may suffer less than a smaller one in a crash. Not all collisions in Illinois involve two vehicles, though. An SUV could hit a pedestrian and inflict serious injuries. Frightening data shows SUVs could inflict more harm onto pedestrians than a car, and harm includes fatalities.

SUVs and the deadly risks to pedestrians

A credible study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety examined a small sample of data from Michigan to come to conclusions about SUV dangers. While the speed traveled by an SUV factored into potential fatalities, so likely did the vehicle’s mass. Smaller cars are dangerous to pedestrians, but an SUV could be even more dangerous.

Not surprisingly, the faster the SUV traveled, the greater the fatality risk. SUVs traveling more than 40 mph present a higher risk of death than ones traveling at 20 mph, but the lower speed fatalities remain alarming. An SUV moving in a 25 mph city zone could kill someone crossing the street.

SUV’s popularity adds to their presence in metropolitan areas. Someone doesn’t need to dart across a highway to face dangers. SUVs travel throughout congested city streets, potentially putting pedestrians at risk.

Driving behavior and SUVs

Of course, the way a driver operates an SUV contributes to the dangers. An SUV could travel at 40 mph in a 25 mph zone, reflecting negligence capable of causing pedestrian accidents. The SUV driver could be distracted when trying to park a car or not looking when backing out of a driveway. Such negligent behaviors could lead to someone getting hurt.

Pedestrians may benefit from being extremely careful when near SUVs. However, accidents occur without warning, meaning even the most careful pedestrian faces risks.