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Why are pedestrian accidents increasing?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Pedestrian accidents that injure or kill walkers are increasing around the country. Both drivers and pedestrians need to learn about the risks that contribute to these accidents and how to prevent them.

Driving without distractions

Pedestrian accidents are increasing while the same statistics related to vehicle occupants have decreased. The new vehicle models on the road are growing larger and heavier. The protection that these cars give pedestrians doesn’t compare to the safety features that drivers and passengers get. Being aware while you’re behind the wheel goes a long way to reducing error.

Staying sober on the road

Pedestrian accidents can happen as a result of drunk driving. Intoxicated driving continues to account for a third of all deaths that occur on the roads. You can reduce these incidents by ensuring that you have a designated driver and choosing not to get behind the wheel after drinking.

An adult who weighs up to 180 pounds only needs four drinks to reach the illegal driving limit. Here are some of the signs to look for before you start driving:

  • Slurred speech or difficulty making out what others say
  • A heavy, drowsy feeling that makes it hard to leave a chair
  • Lack of coordination when finding keys or holding a cup firmly in your hands
  • Failure to smoothly walk when leaving for the vehicle

Finding adequate rest before driving

Pedestrians do have the right of way in many cases, but should you lack good rest, your brain might not process this information correctly. Pedestrian accidents can happen when drivers don’t see obvious signs or assume they’re in the right lane when they’re not. In many cases, a lack of sleep results in symptoms that are similar to driving under the influence.

Pedestrian accidents can be reduced with your understanding of the dangers. Even pedestrians may lack the knowledge of their risks, so your attention to detail helps everyone on the road stay safe.