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Every day, cyclists bravely take to the roads and do their best to arrive safely at their destinations, despite the ever-present threat of cars. Unfortunately, many succumb to the danger of motorists. When Chicago cyclists’ lives are turned upside down by car accidents, the attorneys at Berg & Berg Attorneys at Law help them make things right again.

I’ve Been In An Accident. What Should I Do?

The moments following a car accident are crucial for cyclists to begin working on damage control. However, it isn’t easy to do if you have no idea where to start.

Here are a few key steps to take if you get injured in a crash with a vehicle:

  • Call the police and an ambulance to the scene
  • Collect the driver’s contact information and the contact information of any witnesses
  • Contact a personal injury attorney

Taking these actions can help position you for success in a personal injury lawsuit.

What Are The Common Types Of Bicycle Accidents?

There are three main types of bike accidents that we see at our firm:

  • Left hook
  • Right hook
  • Dooring

A left hook accident happens when a motorist turns left without yielding to a cyclist who is oncoming in the other lane.

A right hook accident occurs when a motorist passes a cyclist on their left side and makes a right turn in front of them, cutting the cyclist off.

Dooring happens when a cyclist passes a parked car on the left side, and the driver opens their door, making the cyclist crash into it.

What Causes Bike Accidents In Chicago?

Numerous factors contribute to these accidents. An especially pervasive one is drivers’ recklessness and negligence. Driving too fast, disobeying signs and signals and not paying close enough attention to their surroundings can be disastrous for cyclists. 

Drivers also don’t always treat cyclists with the same respect that they extend to other drivers. They may also fail to yield to cyclists or attempt to overtake them, which can easily cause a crash.

Additionally, adverse weather or road conditions can make it hard for motorists to maintain control of their vehicles, and cyclists can get hurt. 

Which Types Of Compensation May Be Available To Injured Cyclists?

There are several things that bike accident victims can get compensation for, including the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Depending on the details of your particular case, more damages could be available. Consult with a bike accident lawyer to learn more.

What Rights Do Chicago Bicyclists Have?

Chicago bicyclists must remember that they have as much of a right to use local roads as drivers do. When bike lanes or bike paths are available, however, bicyclists should use these instead.

Bicyclists also have the right to have room to ride on roadways safely. In Illinois, drivers must give bicyclists at least three feet of space when passing them. Accidents can happen when drivers fail to observe this rule.

Unfortunately, many Chicago motorists drive like they own the road. When bicyclists suffer injuries caused by drivers who disregard their rights, they should speak with an attorney and file a bicycle accident claim.

Understanding The Claims Process Following A Bicycle Crash

Filing a bicycle accident claim is not quite as simple as filling out a claim form. First, you must gather all the pertinent documentation and evidence – including accident photos and medical records – to prove you were injured in a bicycle accident. Then, you will need to file your claim; in most cases, you will do so through the insurance company of the driver who hit you. If your claim is denied, you can choose to file an appeal. If the insurance company offers you a settlement, do not accept it right away; insurance companies tend to prioritize their own interests and may lowball you with their initial offer.

Because the claims process is complex and fraught with uncertainty, you will want a bicycle accident lawyer to guide you through it. They will help you take steps toward obtaining maximum compensation, which can include filing a bicycle accident lawsuit if appeals or settlement negotiations prove fruitless.

Who Can Be Held Liable For A Chicago Bike Accident?

If you were injured in a Chicago bike accident, the driver who hit you will, in most cases, be liable for your injuries. You will file a claim through their insurance company. However, if the driver who hit you has minimal or no auto insurance or if they fled the scene, you will file a claim through your insurer, provided you have underinsured motorist and uninsured motorist coverage.

Start Moving Forward With A Free Consultation

If you are a cyclist who has been injured at the hands of a driver, do not delay in getting legal representation. At Berg & Berg Attorneys at Law, our experienced and dedicated attorneys are ready to help you get your life back on track. Send us a message or call our office at 773-596-6654 to schedule your free initial consultation. Se habla español.