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Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Once we have filed your application for benefits in Chicago, at Berg & Berg, our goal is to make sure you begin to receive or continue receiving two types of benefits.

Medical Benefits

The first type is medical benefits. The insurance company must pay for all “reasonable and necessary” medical treatment you undergo because of your work-related injury. You are entitled to a doctor of your own choice, including any doctors to whom you are referred. Also, if you are not satisfied with your first set of doctors, you may sometimes consult a second doctor. Please call us at 773-207-2300 if you are thinking of changing doctors so we can make sure this treatment will be approved.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

The second type of workers’ compensation benefits is called “temporary total disability benefits,” or TTD for short. During the time that you cannot work because of your work-related medical condition, you may be able to receive two-thirds of your average weekly wage (which is calculated based on a 52-week pay period from before the accident, excluding optional overtime).

One important reminder: If your doctor says that you can return to light-duty or part-time work, you must notify your employer. If the employer assigns you work within your restrictions, you must go to work. If you do not go to work, the insurance company will not owe you any more TTD.

In cases of serious injury, when you cannot return to your previous employment, the insurance company may also be obligated to provide vocational rehabilitation services to help you find new work for which you are still suited.

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