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Preventing collisions with variable speed limits

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

People in the Chicagoland area know how difficult it can be to drive in hazardous conditions. Between snow, construction and traffic, there are plenty of rear-end collisions in the city and surrounding area. Luckily, researchers have identified one possible way of preventing this type of accident. Variable speed limits can help reduce car collisions related to congestion.

Understanding variable speed limits

Variable speed limits can be used to help prevent accidents in construction zones. Recent research from the University of Missouri shows that they’re very effective. When drivers have advance knowledge of a lower speed limit, they are able to slow down gradually instead of suddenly.

Sudden stops are one of the obvious reasons that people end up in rear-end collisions. Often, when people approach construction sites, there’s already traffic backed up. Drivers may just need to slam on the brakes without even understanding why. They’ve had no real warning about what was coming up.

In other situations, there are signs posted ahead of the construction instructing people to prepare to slow down. But they don’t give a speed limit, so drivers respond in various ways. Telling drivers to slow down to a specific speed is a more effective strategy.

The study conducted by the University of Missouri showed that variable speed limits can decrease rear-end motor vehicle accidents by up to 30%. According to the results, variable speed limits can also reduce the length of traffic lineups. Overall, they make construction sites on the road run much more smoothly.

If the worst happens and you’re involved in a collision, there are two important things to remember. The first is to let medical professionals evaluate you. The second is to contact an experienced attorney who may act as an advocate for you.