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Slow drivers: The dangers and how to protect yourself

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There’s no doubt about it; speeding on Illinois roads can lead to potentially dangerous situations. However, on the other end of the spectrum are those drivers who are driving way under the speed limit. Slow drivers are also a large part of the accidents occurring on the road. The following includes a few reasons why slow drivers can often pose a greater threat to the rest of us on the road.

Slow drivers and conditions matter

According to most DMV agencies, it is recommended for drivers to slow down when conditions are hazardous. This may involve strong winds, rain, snow, or dense fog, to name a few. However, if conditions are normal, driving slow can lead to heavier traffic and other potentially dangerous scenarios. In fact, driving way under the posted speed limit is considered a crime. Police officers may issues violations charging people with moving violations and impeding traffic.

How to go around slow-drivers safely

In the event that you run into a slow driver during your route, it is incredibly important not to tailgate them. Tailgating can lead to auto accidents if the other person suddenly breaks. So, what should you do? If the slow driver is in the right lane, then it is recommended to use the left lane as it is widely considered the passing lane. In whichever situation you are in, it is important to also remain at a safe distance from the vehicle.

Slow driving and insurance rates

Much like that of a reckless driver’s record, driving slow will also reflect poorly on your insurance. Insurance companies see slow-drivers as a demographic that is likely to be involved in an accident. This means that you may see your rates and premiums increase.

If you’re involved in an auto accident due to a slow driver, you must seriously consider receiving legal advice from an attorney. This may help you remove any doubt regarding who is at fault for causing the accident.