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Are SUVs a risk to pedestrians?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

SUVs are popular for many reasons, and the vehicles’ spaciousness stands tall on the list. Style and performance also draw in many Illinois buyers, which further expands the model’s popularity. Unfortunately, these vehicles could present a danger to pedestrians. Driving an SUV in a populated, metropolitan area might require extra care on a driver’s part.

SUVs and their risks to pedestrians

Pedestrians face fatal risks from all vehicles on the road, but new data suggests SUVs present a more significant potential for harm than cars. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performed the study, and the results point to the increased volume of SUV ownership as a factor. More SUVs in operation lead to more worries for pedestrians.

The apparent reason an SUV presents many dangers to pedestrians center on its size. Even the smallest car has enough weight and force to kill a human being. No one suggests cars are not dangerous, but sport utility vehicles’ unique traits offer hazards. An SUV’s size could make evading it difficult, and its weight may be crushing. When the driver travels close to pedestrians, the dangers may increase. Shopping mall parking lots could be crowded places, and ones with many people walking about, often distracted.

That said, an adequately maintained SUV won’t likely be any more dangerous than another vehicle. Owners who fail to take care of their SUVs may find themselves liable for accidents resulting from their neglect. This brings forth a point about SUV accidents: driver negligence that causes an accident may result in civil liabilities.

Taking action against a negligence SUV driver

After an accident occurs, the victims may look at what caused the incident. Distracted, intoxicated, and fatigued driving could lead to pedestrian-SUV collisions.

A point is worth noting here. Auto insurance carriers might not realize their coverage may extend to them even when pedestrians. Filing a liability claim against the other driver’s liability coverage would be an option, but what if the driver has no insurance? A pedestrian might look into an uninsured motorist claim.

An attorney may provide insights into legal options after pedestrian accidents. The attorney could seek a settlement from an insurance company or explore lawsuit strategies.