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Pedestrian accidents are happening more often

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Illinois and other states are seeing a stark increase in the number of pedestrian accidents that happen. In fact, the total number of pedestrian accidents within the United States has increased by 50%. This begs the question of what is responsible for this.

The most common cause

One of the most well-known factors that is commonly debated when it comes to the topic of pedestrian accidents is the use of cellphones. The fact that pedestrians are focusing more on their phones than the environment around them creates an unsafe scenario where pedestrian accidents are more likely. It’s time for pedestrians to put their phones away and pay attention to the roadway when crossing it.

A look at other contributing factors

Apart from cellphones, there are other contributing factors that have resulted in an increase in pedestrian deaths. Poorly designed crosswalks that are spaced too far apart are creating problems. When people are unable to find a crosswalk within a short walking distance, they end up jaywalking. At night, this brings a major disadvantage for drivers as there may not be overhead lighting in the area the pedestrian is walking. This creates more of a hazard for drivers that are unsuspecting of pedestrians on the roadway, especially in the darker hours.

Another contributing factor is the lack of median islands for pedestrian use. These islands are a great way to help pedestrians pause when attempting to safely cross the street. More and more roadway designs are eliminating these median islands to create more space for vehicles and bicycles.

Pedestrian deaths are increasing at an alarming rate. By understanding the contributing factors that we touched on above, we can start to craft plans that will minimize these factors in the future. When we create safer roadways, it becomes easier for pedestrians to cross without fear of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.