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When would tow truck drivers seek workers’ comp?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

When drivers get in trouble and find themselves dealing with a disabled vehicle, a tow truck driver may come to save the day. Illinois tow truck drivers don’t always find their jobs to be safe ones. Accidents and injuries happen to tow truck drivers, sometimes leading to missed work and a need for workers’ compensation payments.

Tow truck drivers deal with injury risks

Sometimes, tow truck drivers find themselves called to unfamiliar places late at night. The reduced light might make it difficult to get a clear view of the street. Potholes, oil spots and other hazards could lead to slipping and falling, resulting in an injury.

Struggling to connect a disabled car to a chain might also lead to a driver falling. What if the car’s brakes fail and the vehicle moves? Injuries might derive from such a chaotic situation.

In addition, not everyone who calls a tow truck driver may be in a decent frame of mind. An intoxicated customer could start a fight or another incident, leaving the tow truck driver injured.

Workers’ compensation and tow truck driver injuries

Unsafe drivers passing a tow truck might cause a crash, injuring both the worker and the customer. Litigation may follow when suffering from third-party negligence; the tow truck driver may sue a negligent customer or another party while seeking a workers’ compensation claim.

A successful workers’ comp claim may provide payments to cover lost income while recovering. In some cases, workers’ compensation might cover permanent disabilities or death benefits.

Anyone with questions about civil litigation or workers’ compensation may direct them to an attorney. An experienced attorney may handle filing all claims for a client.