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Restaurant accident facts

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Restaurants in Illinois can be chaotic, especially during busy times of the year. With so many people moving around freshly prepared food and drinks, it’s no wonder injuries are common among restaurant workers.

Most common restaurant accidents

Restaurants require people to fill a variety of jobs, so there are also a variety of potential accidents that could occur. However, the most common types of accidents that happen at restaurants are slips and falls.

Strains are the second most common restaurant injury, and these incidents often occur due to holding and carrying things. Both servers and kitchen workers are required to carry heavy objects while moving around in tight or crowded spaces.

Cuts, punctures and scrapes are another common restaurant accident category. These accidents account for one-third of all workers’ compensation claims in the restaurant industry.

Most dangerous time of year

Most restaurant accidents happen during June, July and August, which can be peak season for a lot of restaurants. During this time, many restaurants have hired seasonal workers that may not have safety training.

The average recovery time after a restaurant injury is 30 days, which can be devastating financially for injured restaurant workers. This loss of employment can also hurt the restaurant that must find someone to fill in for the injured worker.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim

It is crucial to file a workers’ compensation claim quickly after a restaurant accident. If you were injured at your job, your workers’ compensation claim is more likely to be approved if you file it in a timely manner. It may also be helpful to ask coworkers who witnessed your accident if they will affirm what happened.