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3-car crash claims 1 life and injures two others

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Wrongful Death |

An individual’s life has sadly been cut short in a tragic three-car wreck in St. Clair County. In addition, two other individuals were injured in the collision. The accident occurred along Floraville Road during the early morning hours on a recent Thursday.

Events leading up to the crash

The tragic car accident occurred at around 5:50 a.m. Police said when they arrived at the crash scene, they found three cars off the road. Authorities reported that two of the cars crashed first, and one of them remained in the roadway. Then, the third car ended up striking the two automobiles, causing all three to leave the road.

Police said the individual who was driving the first car at the time of the wreck passed away in the collision. However, it was not immediately known if this individual’s death came after the collision with the second car or the third car. The person driving the second car suffered injuries deemed not life threatening and was transported to a medical center for treatment. The individual driving the third car was also injured in the crash but received treatment at the accident scene. Police continued to investigate the cause of the car accident.

Where can victims turn for help and support?

If authorities determine through their investigation that the deceased driver caused the Illinois crash, the two injured parties may choose to file personal injury claims against this driver’s estate. Likewise, they may sue any individual with an ownership interest in the car that the deceased driver was operating at the time of the crash. Meanwhile, if one of the injured drivers is found to be at fault in the crash, this person may face a personal injury claim filed by the other injured party, as well as a wrongful death claim filed by the surviving loved ones of the driver who passed away in the crash. Successfully litigated claims may lead to monetary damages to cover medical expenses, burial costs and other losses related to the accident.